About Pyoca

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General Information

Pyoca, located adjacent to Jackson-Washington State Forest in the rolling hills of southern Indiana, is jointly owned and operated by the Ohio Valley and Whitewater Valley Presbyteries. Daily camp activities are held outdoors, utilizing the 65 wooded acres. The 21-acre lake is also the setting for many camp activities. Meals and some of the evening/rainy day activities take place in the camp's lodge.

Three modern cabins accommodate 20 campers and 4 adults and feature a meeting room and kitchenette. Our newest rustic cabins are yurts, circular tent-like buildings, which accommodate 20 campers and 2 adults. All of the cabins are equipped with bunk beds, showers, toilets, sinks and electricity.

The Chapel, where many worship services are held, is located next to the lake. Next to the Chapel, a volleyball court and recreation field provide plenty of space for outdoor play, and the craft cabin overlooking them is where campers can work on artistic projects. On the far side of the recreation area, the pavilion is a meeting place with a small fire circle and picnic area.

The camp can accommodate up to 126 persons in the winter and up to 175 persons during the summer months. A variety of recreational activities including hiking, basketball, volleyball, swimming, canoeing, picnicking, horseshoes, a climbing tower, a high ropes course and initiatives make it a great place for every camper.

The Pyoca Song (set to "The Ash Grove")

"Pyoca, Pyoca your memories will linger
Of worship and laughter, the things that we love
Whenever we think of the days that we spend here,
We think of a spirit, and a love that is dear.
Pyoca, Pyoca the lake and the cabins,
The Lodge and the chapel are all parts of thee.
Pyoca, Pyoca, your name duly honored,
We'll always remember P-Y-O-C-A"